SME Matters

Angela Vithoulkas & Craig West

An in-depth look at news, issues and trends for SME business owners and their advisers – this issues that really matter!

Angela Vithoulkas and Craig West will interview a wide range of guests with expertise, experience and insight into Small and Medium enterprise in Australia and the key things that business owners need to know and watch out for to help them be more successful. Political leaders, experts in HR, Law, Finance and accounting.

Mid Market Matters

Craig West

Attache Mid-market matters will highlight the most underrated segment of the Australian economy - mid-market businesses - who whilst small in number, punch way above their weight in employees, productivity and growth.

Interviews with industry experts, academics, service providers and most importantly mid-market business owners themselves - will reveal their secrets to  success, their key growth strategies and the key to their over performance ! 

China has seen unprecedented growth over the last three decades and Australia has benefited from the demand for our resources. With growing wealth, we are seeing a shift in demand for services. The Aus-China Business Channel will provide SME’s insights on positioning Australia's world-class capabilities and how to navigate these opportunities.