MMM | Episode One: Mike Rich, Co-Founder – Attaché Software & NFP Institute

Guest: Mike Rich, Co-Founder of Attaché Software & NFP M-Institute

Part 1: Welcome to the first episode of Attaché Mid Market Matters.

Attaché Co-Founder, Mick Rich joins Craig on the very first episode of Mid Market.

Who is Mike Rich and how did he get involved in software? Mike now owns one of the largest software companies. Attaché Software is the biggest supplier of software in the medium space and one of Australia’s largest private companies.


Part 2: Craig continues to talk with Mike Rich on Attaché Mid Market Matters

What happens to businesses as they continue to grow over the years and move out of the “small” business space to reach the medium space?

Accounting packages, understanding what your business needs. How the right software can grow your business. Technology changes, keeping up to date. Take a listen.


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