ACBC | Episode Nine: John Grealy, Head of Sales and Strategy – Doltone House

Guest: John Grealy, Head of Sales and Strategy – Doltone House

Part 1: On this episode of ACBC Stacey talks with John Grealy, who has over 30 years’ experience in management roles ranging from owning his own business to working in a diverse group of industries including transport, marketing, software and events. Through this John has built a clear understanding of business and what it takes to build profitable long-term customer relationships. John’s success in each role or venture has been based on a successful strategy and building, developing and leading high performing teams, especially in Sales & Marketing. Listen to John’s story.

Part 2: Welcome back to SME Radio – On ACBC today we continue to talk with John Grealy, Head of Sales & Strategy – Doltone House. John talks to Stacey about Doltone’s House China Strategy. John talks to us about Doltone’s House’s China Business Strategy going forward. How you navigate to get your brand known to the Chinese Market.


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ACBC | Episode Eight: Peter Black, Chartered Accountant & Business Coach

Guest: Peter Black – Chartered Accountant and Experienced Business & Executive Coach

Peter Black is a Chartered Accountant and an experienced Business and Executive Coach who assists clients in achieving business, career and organizational objectives, particularly in the financial services, information technology and professional services sectors. Peter specializes in providing strategic coaching on business issues particularly around business process improvement, change management, cultural considerations,  leadership, people management and the use of technology.  Peter is a Group Chair with CEO peer mentoring organisation The Executive Connection (TEC) and the Executive Coaching Partner for ALCHEMY Career management, both based in Sydney.

Part 1: On this episode of ACBC Stacey talks to Peter Black, Executive Coach. Listen to Peter talk about his career journey and how Peter managed to exit the corporate world reflect on his career and transition into a new role. More and more people are becoming familiar with restructure and redundancies that they need to stop and rethink their career path, a lot of people find this challenging and are in unknown territory. Peter can help realise your potential with him as a career coach. How important it is to have your social media handles up to date like LinkedIn.

Part 2: We continue to talk to Peter Black about key issues in small business, findings from his work as a Tech Chair. People issues are the number 1 concern for small business owners followed by small business strategy that is relevant to the current market. We also discuss the opportunities in the Asian market.


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ACBC | Episode Seven: Cynthia Dearin, Dearin & Associates

Guest: Cynthia Dearin, Managing Director – Dearin & Associates

In 2015 she released her first book, Camels, Sheikhs and Billionaires: Guide to Business Culture in the Middle East and North Africa

Part 1: On this episode of ACBC Stacey talks to Cynthia Dearin, Managing Director of Dearin & Associates, an International Trade Consultancy that specializes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions. Cynthia is an author, keynote speaker and communications expert. Cynthia talks about her experiences travelling to the Middle East as a Management Consultant Diplomat. Have you ever gone to work wearing a bullet proof vest? Take a listen to Cynthia’s story to find out more.

Part 2: Cynthia continues to talk to us about opportunities in China, feedback from clients and why Cynthia decided this would be a valued addition to her business so she could round out and help more clients.



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ACBC | Episode Six: Ian Cameron, Tourism Consultant, Scott Mcdonald, International Family Office Association & Winnie Hadad, Hopgood Ganim

Guest: Ian Cameron – Tourism Consultant

Part 1: Ian gives you insight into Chinese Tourism. How SMEs can tap into Chinese students, visitors and people living in Australia. How and why ‘Destination NSW’, came together. Find out about Olympic Tourism Marketing and worldwide experience, working connections and how you can connect with Ian.


Guest: Scott McDonald – Co-Founder and Chairman, International Family Office Association

Part 2: Scott talks about the value in understanding the importance of the family circle and the newfound wealth in China. How Australian SME’s can become trusted advisors and build relationships with the Chinese Market.


Guest: Winnie Hadad- Lawyer, Hopgood Ganim

Part 3: Winnie provides an outlook within the three stages of the Chinese economy. Insight in the WA mining boom, how resources have been impacted, aged care in China and how SME’s can leverage the opportunities.


ACBC | Episode Five: Livia Wang, Access CN

Guest: Livia Wang, Director, Access CN

Livia shares how she started a small business to help companies go into China, experience as a business owner and how the strategy has evolved to meet the market. Find out what the word Diagou means, who are these people and why do they matter to SME’s? Livia also talks about her recent trip to Hangzhou to visit e-commerce giant Alibaba.


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ACBC | Episode Four: David Thomas, Think Global

Guest: David Thomas – Chief Executive Officer, Think Global

David shares how he built his SME helping others do business in China. Why he ran business missions, how this has helped delegates and some success stories. David talks about his eBook, China Insights which provides tips on how and why you need to be prepared and building your relationship with the Chinese community.


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ACBC | Episode Three: Philip Peng, Grei & Adam Goern, TPA & Co

Guest: Philip Peng – Chief Executive Officer, GREI

Part 1: Find out why Philip created GREI and the opportunities for financial services. Growing wealth in China and the need for education and building knowledge globally. Listen to key learning’s taken during Philip’s time working at Huawei and how to work with people globally. You can download the GREI app in Mandarin from the App store.


Guest: Adam Goern – Managing Director, TPA & Co

Part 2: Looking for funding for your Australian agricultural business? Adam Goern discusses why he set up the Farms & Finance “business dating” website for business matching on-line and building trusted relationships.  Find out how you can upload your story. Plus a sneak peak into “Open Sesame”, how you can open the door to finance in China?

Check out the site at


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ACBC | Episode Two: Alina Bain, Australian Services Roundtable & Jennifer Fong, Visacorp Pty Ltd

Guest: Alina Bain – Chief Executive Officer, Australian Services Roundtable

Part 1: Overview of the Australian Services Roundtable (ASR) and its support from the Small Business Minister, the Hon Michael McCormack MP. Overview of Free Trade Agreements and ChAFTA – why do they matter and opportunities for SME’s.


Guest: Jennifer Fong- Registered Migration Agent, Visacorp Pty Ltd

Part 2: What is a Migration Agent? Jennifer tells us about her role and what it means to her. What skills is Australia looking for and how do SME’s access these potential employees? Plus what you need to know in gaining a visa for your future employees.


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ACBC | Episode One: CT Johnson, Basis Point Consulting

Guest:  CT Johnson, Basis Point Consulting

Author of “Riding the Chinese Dragon – Managing your Chinese investors, partner and employees” CT Johnson shares his experiences working for the global company Huawei in Shenzhen China.


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