SME Matters | Episode Six: Grant Abbott, SMSF Expert

Co-Hosts: Angela Vithoulkas & Craig West

Guest: Grant Abbott – SMSF Expert, I Love SMSF

Part 1: Grant Abbott is Australia’s leading Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) expert, trainer and presenter and the Chairman of the Australian SMSF Members Association

Guest: Grant Abbott, SMSF Expert

Part 2: Grant continues to take us through self-managed super funds. Different ways of investing your super. SME’s need information quickly on SMSF. The importance of super.


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SME Matters | Episode Five: Richard Roberts, Node Consulting

Co-Hosts: Angela Vithoulkas & Craig West

Guest: Richard Roberts, Node Consulting

Part 1: Richard discusses his interesting past, present and future with Angela and Craig. Richard shares his business background. Richard is a passionate advocate for small business.

Guest: Richard Roberts – Expert Business Consultant, Node Consulting

Part 2: Node Consulting – What is Node Consulting? What do they do? What are they trying to achieve?


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SME Matters | Episode Four: John Raymond & Charles Fairlie

Co-Hosts: Angela Vithoulkas & Craig West

Guest: John Raymond – Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership

Part 1: John joins the show today to talk to us about the importance of coaching, executive training and leadership development. Training is important, find out why. What you need to know as a business owner – What does success mean?

Guest: Charles Fairlie, CEO Purpose Publishing

Part 2: Charles Fairlie, Publisher of 50 Unsung Business Heroes – Charles tells us a bit about how he came to writing his book 50 Unsung Business Heroes. The book talks about how business owners can learn from other business owners, the experience a business owner can share


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SME Matters | Episode Three: Cameron Quin

Co-Hosts: Angela Vithoulkas & Craig West

Guest: Cameron Quin, Fire Yourself

Part 1: SME’s ask – How do I grow? How do I get more customers? How do I expand my business? Cameron Quin joins the show to answer these questions and talk about “how to fire yourself”.

Guest: Cameron Quin, Fire Yourself, host of SME Growth Hack

Part 2: Cameron Quin joins Angela and Craig to discuss how to double your business and what we can expect from Cameron on SME Growth Hack right here in SME Radio.


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Sales Explosion | Episode Three: How important is a database

Host: Jenny Cartwright- expert in sales and telesales

Don’t get hung up

Telesales works !

Part 1: Have you as a SME established a list of customers. The most vital, important aspect of your business is your database of customers. Your business database should be constantly growing and being updating. What database is best for you? Find out now.

Part 2: Social Media- Do you think it can grow your customer contact list? Listen to learn more


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Employment Matters | Episode Four: Shane Duffy

Co-Hosts: Shane Duffy & Amanda Daff

Part 1: Great Workplace Secrets – Hiring and Retaining A-Players, Asking the right question when interviewing a potential employee

Part2: Great Workplace Secrets – Exiting Employees: How to fire, manage out, letting key players go without exposing the business to risk


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Employment Matters | Episode Three: Adrian Di Mascio, Employment Innovations

Co-Hosts: Shane Duffy & Amanda Daff

Guest: Adrian Di Mascio – General Manager of HR, Employment Innovations

Part 1: What’s The Buzz? Parental Leave. Do you know your employees rights on when they are entitled to take parental leave. Managing the resource gaps for key members in a small business.

Guest: Adrian Di Mascio – General Manager of HR, Employment Innovations

Part2: What’s The Buzz? Managing ill or injured workers. Managing premiums and costs, managing the absence when an employee is ill or injured


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ACBC | Episode Six: Ian Cameron, Tourism Consultant, Scott Mcdonald, International Family Office Association & Winnie Hadad, Hopgood Ganim

Guest: Ian Cameron – Tourism Consultant

Part 1: Ian gives you insight into Chinese Tourism. How SMEs can tap into Chinese students, visitors and people living in Australia. How and why ‘Destination NSW’, came together. Find out about Olympic Tourism Marketing and worldwide experience, working connections and how you can connect with Ian.


Guest: Scott McDonald – Co-Founder and Chairman, International Family Office Association

Part 2: Scott talks about the value in understanding the importance of the family circle and the newfound wealth in China. How Australian SME’s can become trusted advisors and build relationships with the Chinese Market.


Guest: Winnie Hadad- Lawyer, Hopgood Ganim

Part 3: Winnie provides an outlook within the three stages of the Chinese economy. Insight in the WA mining boom, how resources have been impacted, aged care in China and how SME’s can leverage the opportunities.


ACBC | Episode Five: Livia Wang, Access CN

Guest: Livia Wang, Director, Access CN

Livia shares how she started a small business to help companies go into China, experience as a business owner and how the strategy has evolved to meet the market. Find out what the word Diagou means, who are these people and why do they matter to SME’s? Livia also talks about her recent trip to Hangzhou to visit e-commerce giant Alibaba.


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