An in-depth look at news, issues and trends for SME business owners and their advisers – this issues that really matter!

Angela Vithoulkas and Craig West will interview a wide range of guests with expertise, experience and insight into Small and Medium enterprise in Australia and the key things that business owners need to know and watch out for to help them be more successful. Political leaders, experts in HR, Law, Finance and accounting.

“The Brew” with Angela Vithoulkas

Angela Vithoulkas

Those who know a good brew, be it coffee, tea or indeed ale, appreciate the time and effort it takes to produce the definitive result.  The same could be said for people - because people are ultimately a product of their life experiences.  An amalgamation of various events and learning’s that happen including their lived experience as family members, their careers, background, health and wider actions in business and public life. The Brew with Angela Vithoulkas is a new audio-visual show that explores the elements and experiences behind the person. Their stories are inspirational, challenging and amusing and they are a must for listeners looking for motivation, direction and a greater insight into what makes successful people tick. This interactive program features high profile guests who get behind the café counter and whip up their favourite brew at Sydney’s Vivo Café. Insights are shared, tales told and lessons learned – all over a brew.

Employment Matters

Shane Duffy & Amanda Daff

Each week this show will tackle the issues that matter most to SME’s in the complicated mind field of HR.

Small Business owners are often too time poor to be across new regulations & rules, Employment Matters

Brings experts and plain English to simplify and demystify issues that can often cause unnecessary financial stress.

ACBC – Aus-China Business Channel: leveraging capital and capabilities

Stacey Martin

China has seen unprecedented growth over the last three decades and Australia has benefited from the demand for our resources. With growing wealth, we are seeing a shift in demand for services. The Aus-China Business Channel will provide SME’s insights on positioning Australia's world-class capabilities and how to navigate these opportunities.

SME Growth Hack

Cameron Quin

Technology has revolutionised the way we do business today, and every aspect of technology can now be extrapolated into a full time job. SME Growth Hack will take some of the simplest yet affective business ideas, combine them with technology and present them in a digestible way for you to implement.

Succession Plus

David Cambridge & Michael Vincent

An expert view of the key components of getting your exit right when it’s time to cash in !

Michael Vincent and David Cambridge will highlight the various issues surrounding the key topic of Business Succession and Exit planning – How to maximise the value of your business and achieve a successful exit.

Sales Explosion

Jenny Cartwright

This series will reveal the "how to" soft skills and techniques you need to ensure your own business is successful. Jenny Cartwright, has run her own successful sales training. Business, Sales and Telesales Solutions, for 20 years and is looking forward to sharing with you what works so you do not waste time and money trying out stuff that doesn't.

Business Master

John Peterson

Business Master is the radio show for business owners. Bringing you the secrets and success strategies used by the top 1% of business owners world-wide as well as practice tips and advice to improve your business. With unique global experience and 3,000 clients over the past 27 years, John Peterson has written a #1 Amazon International best seller “The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Mastery” whereby John reveals his secret formula on how to master your business in any industry. Business Master brings you helpful tips, advice and business improvement strategies to help you grow your business, reduce stress, improve your work life balance and work smarter not harder.

Conversations with Mrs V

Scarlett Zola Vespa

‘Conversations with Mrs V' is all about inspiring women over 40 to live a life you love in work, play and love. Anywhere from career tips, the latest in fashion and beauty, to revelations that will change your life for the better! The Host, Scarlett Zola Vespa, is a Personal Mastery & Brand Expert, she will have conversations with inspirational women to discover tips, advice and stories to empower YOU to live a life you love. In 2015, Scarlett realised there was nothing online for women over 40 that said‘Sexy, Smart and Over 40’, so began her unique Blog The Style of Mrs V.